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In this season of endemic, attract more business with Chefs Special Christmas recipes specially made for: (1) Group Party Menu & (2) Food Delivery Menu:

#1 Group Party Menu

Recipe inspiration for group celebrations - couple, corporate, family & friends.

:: German Potato Casserole for group sharing: Full Recipe

This creamy and cheezy oozing casserole will be a diner favourite.

:: Other recipes suitable for party meals:

#2 Food Delivery Menu

These recipes are designed to suit food delivery - stable for reheat and remain strong aroma even cooled down!

:: Cranberry BBQ Meatballs for food delivery menu: Full Recipe

Here are little flavored bombs of ground beef mixed the sweetness of cranberries, just pack its tangy barbeque sauce separately for food delivery.

:: Other recipes suitable for delivery menu:

Need More Christmas Menu Ideas?
Video Series: Western Food Hunt with Razif Hashim

Video Series: Western Food Hunt with Razif Hashim

Follow the adventure of Malaysia's famous foodie - Razif Hashim's hunt in finding creative Christmas menu that local chefs have prepared this 2021!


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Webinar: Effortless Christmas Menu

Webinar: Effortless Christmas Menu

Join 110+ Chefs & Food Business Owners, as Chef Elgin, Alan & Eric showcased 4 interesting dishes (mains & sides) for Christmas Set Menu!


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