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The Christmas holidays are a time for giving and, more importantly, feasting! It’s when people usually get together and celebrate by dining out. Give your diners the perfect festive ambiance with our tips below:

1. Unique decorations

Express holiday creativity by thoughtfully arranging decorative items on shelves, walls and doors. Take into consideration the layout of your restaurant and ensure that there are no obstructions for diners to get in and out, or move from one area to another. Baubles, a Christmas tree and utensils with a Christmas touch could be all your restaurant needs, as long as there’s a unique factor. 

2. Treats for shoppers

If your restaurant or café is near a shopping area or in a mall, you could introduce snacks that can be easily held and eaten while shopping. Be sure to advertise these snacks so that those passing by can see and be tempted to purchase them. You can also use this opportunity to inform potential diners about the Christmas menu, special deals and activities.

3. Menu – conventional or unconventional?

Conventional menus would include a turkey roast dinner and Christmas puddings. The unconventional touch could incorporate a twist, for example, Christmas curry or turkey wellingtons.

You could include a variety of different food and drinks to cater to a more general group of people as there will be a mix of office workers and families. You should also take into consideration specific diet restrictions such as gluten- and meat-free requirements.

Do invest in a photo session for your Christmas menu so that the menu looks festive and more appealing. Christmas is also a good time of year to offer pre- and after-dinner drinks such as mulled cider and eggnog.

4. Prepare your staff

Make sure that your staff is ready and able to manage many large bookings. Quality of service should be consistent throughout the year, Christmas or not. If diners are impressed with your service during an extremely busy period, they are highly likely to spread the word.

5. Christmas on a plate

Each plate is a blank canvas. Let these inspire you towards creating your restaurant’s special “holiday plates”. Remember to add a touch of artistry for the kids too! A visual feast could create a good social media buzz as well.

Additionally, a Christmas-themed dessert table with stripes and swirls can amplify the holiday cheer in your restaurant or cafe. 

6. Post-year-end festivities

After the year-end festivities, most diners are likely to reduce their budget for food. Offer ‘value-for-money January specials’ to prolong that feel-good feeling and get repeat visits.


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