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With events hosted at your restaurant or cafe, you’ll likely bring in customers who’ve never heard of or been to your restaurant. This is an opportunity to impress them with great food and customer service. You could also provide discounts and incentives to give the event’s attendees a reason to return.

Additionally, when an event is held at your hotel, your restaurant’s name will be mentioned on the invites and that can be free publicity for your business. Here are tips on hosting celebrations such as birthdays and weddings at your restaurant and how to leave a good impression on your guests to keep them coming back.



Offer packages such as Double Happiness (e.g. 2-for-1 prices), Birthday Bonanza (e.g. special hampers for the birthday person), Fundraising Feast (unique buffets where each calorie eaten is a Ringgit donated), and so on. Select several items listed below as part of a package, or just focus purely on F&B.

  • Decorations – Fabric, lanterns, fairy lights, mirrors, tealight holders, stage
  • Balloons – Latex, foil, bubble, cluster, printed images
  • Flowers – Flower arrangements, fake or fresh, vase, hanging
  • Music – Small live band, DJ or a set playlist
  • Table – Tablecloth, candelabra, utensils, plates, cups, glasses, chairs, favours
  • Goodie bags – Themed food bags, arts and crafts, gadgets, stationery, toys, unique kitchen utensils, magnets, vouchers
  • F&B – Buffet, seated, number of dishes, alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, water, type of food
  • Invites – Online, physical cards
  • Cake – Cupcakes, birthday cake, tiered cake, customised with photos
  • Kid’s station – Colouring, paper origami, twist balloons, disposable cameras for kids to take photos

All the above has to adhere to the set theme.



If the rooms are fully booked or if you do not have private rooms, consider using room dividers or screens to cordon off a private area for a smaller group of diners.

The spotlight

The spotlight

The culmination of the celebration is when the spotlight is on the celebrated. Showcase a special birthday dance or performance, give a live food demo or present a unique surprise gift or a bouquet of flowers for that memorable and personal touch.


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