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Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, restaurants should be busy undertaking various stages of preparation for the upcoming celebrations. So how can your establishment stand out amidst the tight competition during the festive season? 

An inclusive menu plays a huge role in enticing diners to hold their dinners at your restaurant. For starters, craft several set menus categorised by number of diners and complexity of preparation. It should be suitable for a wide variety of budgets, and you can look into naming the set menus according to themes to further entice diners. For example, inserting keywords such as “Prosperity”, “Wealth”, “Fortune”, and “Treasures” gives a symbolic meaning to the reunion meals.

You may also consider implementing a specific concept across your menu. This gives your establishment a chance to showcase different Chinese cuisines from various provinces, such as Cantonese, Hakka, Shanghainese, as well as Sichuan offerings. Vegetarianism is also a growing concept amongst diners – by offering a specific menu that caters to that dietary need, you may attract more potential diners to your establishment. However, do take precautionary steps to prevent any sort of contamination between the normal dishes and vegetarian offerings at every step of the preparation process.

Besides that, you may also offer customisable tweaks to signature dishes. Since a significant amount of diners will consist of senior citizens, this feature would be helpful for those with dietary restrictions because it lets them substitute ingredients that they can’t have with ones that they can.


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