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Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) aims to inspire you every day and uplift your core operations to higher standards. Through the UFS Chefmanship Academy programme, we will equip you with the knowledge to:

  • achieve a better quality of life;
  • face challenges from rising costs; and
  • stand out from your competitors with great-tasting creations that suit your customers’ palates. 

What are the modules?



Address cleanliness and ensure consistent food hygiene.

Food safety

Food safety

Learn about this acronym: FATTOM.

  • Food – Know which foods are easily contaminated.
  • Acid – Learn about foods that turn into acid when contaminated.
  • Temperature – Keep food away from the Food Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ).
  • Time – Discover the duration that food can safely remain out of refrigeration.
  • Oxygen – Find out which containers are airtight and deter microorganisms from breeding.
  • Moisture – Learn to prevent bacteria from breeding by reducing moisture.

Basic cost calculation

Basic cost calculation

Use easy formulas and guidelines to ensure the profitability of your business.

Recipe innovation

Recipe innovation

Cover a wide range of topics including the latest techniques in food handling, kitchen management and recipe ideas.

The Chefmanship Academy Event

The inaugural event was held on 20th November 2012. This is carried out annually and it is a full-day event. On the event day, we engage with participants via product detailing and demos by the HIT team and wet sampling through top dish applications.

Be sure to partner with us for a long-term collaboration, which can lead to a sustainable improvement for your business and the industry. We will share engaging content and show real-life examples, as well as provide interactive presentations to ensure that all knowledge and ideas are clearly communicated. We ensure that testing and trials are done successfully, so that they can be incorporated into your outlet or stall’s daily offering with ease.

To participate in the Chefmanship Academy, contact us at +603-2246 2288 or email ContactUs-My@unilever.com

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