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Many food operators tend to overlook the impact of food packaging. In fact, effective packaging has the potential to further drive sales not just to the immediate customer, but the rest of the market as well. 

Propel your brand to greater heights by deciding on a brand identity first. Distinguish your business from the rest with a logo and perhaps a catchy slogan. For example, if your business is focused primarily on chicken wings, you might want to consider incorporating that into the logo itself. Your logo could be surrounded by a pair of wings, or it could be trailed off with a fiery streak as a visual nod to your food product.  

Showcasing brand identity on the food packaging itself can be a fairly straightforward task, depending on your budget. If you’re seeking minimal costs, a simple but efficient rubber stamp would suffice. This works best for more traditional food offerings, such as nasi lemak and Malay desserts work well with single-use food packaging such as paper wrappings and containers.

If you’re prepared to invest a little more for higher-end packaging, you might want to look into more permanent solutions such as plastic containers with printed brand stickers. The great part about this is plastic containers are usually reused, so your brand gets a stretch of promotional marketing along the way.

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