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When it comes to the success of your restaurant, it is essential for you to create a welcoming atmosphere that delivers a pleasurable dining experience – even when limited square footing is an issue. Here are some tips on how to start.

Planning ahead

Take into account the sort of experience your restaurant provides. Be it a full-on fine dining establishment or casual fast-food concept where there’s a high seat turnover rate, it is always important to go over all the details in order to plan for the most efficient layout. Armed with this insight, you should be able to generate a rough design idea based on an acceptable level of comfort for the diners. 

Flexible furnishings

It is always important to think of your restaurant’s capacity in terms of tables instead of chairs. Combat an inefficient layout by using tables of differing sizes. That way, a small two-seater can be enjoyed by a couple while a family can occupy a significantly larger table.

To further maximise this arrangement, have the furnishings planned out in a way that allows for quick placement. This sort of flexibility will allow a smaller table to be added to a larger table with minimal effort. 

Modern dining solutions

The current trend in modern restaurant design points towards a shared dining space by integrating communal tables into the layout. By increasing the number of seats in the same amount of space, you will directly create a dining experience that fosters better social interaction between diners, while effectively managing a large group of customers. 


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