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As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new. This Chinese New Year, reinvent tradition with a delectable selection of fusion cuisine for a breath of fresh air. The key is striking a fine balance between traditional and new flavours to appeal not only to the locals, but your international guests as well.

When it comes to soup, classic favourites such as fish maw soup and sea treasure soup are a familiar presence during the festive season. Instead, try serving an equally palatable offering of double boiled coconut chicken soup and curry salted egg chicken soup – both superbly flavourful alternatives that evoke an authentic home-cooked experience.

Yu shang is another irreplaceable dish for reunion meals. Japanese-style Yu shang with the inclusion of tuna, peach slices, and Japanese seaweed is a wonderful alternative; otherwise a salad-inspired version with a fruity twist makes for a refreshing touch.

For main dishes, all it takes is a bit of imagination and a skilled hand to make different flavours work. Innovative fusion options such as Thai-inspired longevity noodles, steamed seabass with lemon sauce, and roasted stuffed chicken with chestnuts are sure to be crowd favourites, given their appetising profiles that don’t stray too far from the traditional versions.

Dessert-wise, there are a plethora of cuisines to take inspiration from. From strawberry jelly with pumpkin puree, coconut almond sticky rice cake, to sweet potato tang yuan, these lip-smacking options end the feast on a sinfully sweet note.

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