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American cuisine is one delicacy that’s hard to define, given that it was introduced and influenced by immigrants over the early years. From Northeast to Mid-Atlantic, Southern to Southwest, the eccentric blend of exotic food eventually made America what it is today: a unique myriad of steak houses, sandwich shops and burger joints.

A true melting pot when it comes to staple ingredients – from chicken, wheat, corn, and bread – these components are key in just about any quintessential American food. The most recognisable ones are the all-time classics such as pizzas, burgers, hotdogs and pot pies. However, when it comes to defining the cuisine by locality, it is a different matter altogether.

Northeastern dishes

The Northeast (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) offers an abundance of seafood-centric dishes, given its strategic location near the Atlantic Ocean. Lobsters and clams in particular are heavily used, with popular dishes such as the lobster roll and clam chowder earning a name for themselves.

Southern dishes

Meanwhile, dishes down South (Texas, Florida, Tennessee) feature heavier flavours with a common reliance on frying and barbecuing. With corn, rice and chicken being an integral presence, barbequed meat, fried chicken and bread pudding are just some of the famous Southern staples.

Midwestern dishes

Known as the breadbasket of America, the Midwest (Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin) serves as the centre for grain production, most notably wheat, corn and soy. An apt reflection of its common resources, Midwestern dishes are usually satisfying and hearty meals such as bread pudding, Chicago deep dish pizza and pork tenderloin sandwiches.

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