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Have you heard of #Twiftar? It’s an exciting new trend gaining traction during Ramadhan. Basically, people use the hashtag so others can discover an Iftar-friendly location for everyone to congregate and break fast together. What’s more, everyone is encouraged to bring their own cultural dishes to share with others. Taking inspiration from this unique trend, restaurants like yours can produce fresh ideas to attract the local Iftar crowd!

Give your menu a cultural twist

Embrace the meaning of #Twiftar by diversifying your menu. You could offer a different cultural dish each day or even provide fusion dishes based on two different cultures. Moroccan and Malaysian? Lebanese and Indonesian? The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild and discover a #Twiftar recipe that works for you.

Add diversity to your deco

Create different design themes to match your #Twiftar menu. Sometimes just a little touch, like using different tablecloths, dimming the lights or changing the table decorations can completely transform the ambiance. Your endeavours might even lead to more social media buzz and interest.

#Twiftar your social media

Be one of the first to adopt the #Twiftar trend online. Educate your audience about the meaning of #Twiftar. Encourage them to bring their friends from different cultures for special discounts, dishes and rewards. Being a trendsetter might result in increased on-ground traffic and online visibility that lasts beyond Ramadhan.

Look beyond Ramadhan

#Twiftar inspired ideas shouldn’t just be limited to the Ramadhan period. You could plan and cook up fusion dishes, serve various cultural favourites and explore different nightly themes anytime of the day or year. It’s a fun way to keep your diners engaged and interested around the clock.


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