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Live Demo Sales Team Contact  销售团队联系请求

Thanks for attending our Facebook Live Demo! If you're interested to try any of UFS (Knorr, Lady's Choice or Lipton) products, or you want to know where can buy our products, our sales team will contact you to share more information.

感谢您参加我们的Facebook Live Demo!如果您有兴趣尝试UFS (家乐,你的採或立顿)产品,或您想知道在哪里可以购买我们的产品,我们的销售团队将与您联系以分享更多信息。

I want to learn more about Unilever Food Solutions products. 我想了解更多有关联合利华饮食策划:家乐的产品。

Get our Sales Team to contact you.

E.g. 60162234567

Once we received your request, our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. 



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