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Sahur is an important pre-dawn meal during Ramadhan that helps to keep the body nourished and hydrated while fasting. It’s also a relatively untapped market when it comes to food delivery and has all the ingredients to give your business a boost. Here are a few things to help you get an early start on this rather new business opportunity.

Do your research

Sahur is quite a niche market, so it’s important to identify specific areas where there’s high demand. Start by visiting community events or asking around the neighbourhood to survey for interest. It’s also advisable to start small and do a trial run, just to get a feel of things. This helps minimise risk while offering you the flexibility to try out new ideas that can help build business momentum.

Prepare the right recipes

Besides tasting delicious, an ideal Sahur meal should also provide the body with essential nutrients that help maintain energy throughout the day. Here are some simple, cost-effective ideas for a delicious pre-dawn meal:

  • Poached egg and avocado on toast
  • Banana pancakes
  • Sardine fried rice
  • Chicken, cheese and mushroom wrap
  • Fruit smoothie bowls
  • Breakfast salad

Develop an efficient order system

Provide a designated phone number to make it easy for customers to place orders. You might also want to consider accepting orders via email or online. Keep an online and physical spreadsheet handy at all times so you don’t miss an order, and avoid any customers waking up disappointed that their pre-dawn meal didn’t arrive.

Plan your delivery route

An efficient delivery route helps to save time, lower costs and ensure happy customers. Moreover, you have a small delivery window for Sahur, making it all the more important to plan in advance. The easiest, fastest way to optimise your route is by using an online delivery route planner, like Google Maps. Type in all your order locations and let the software do its magic.


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