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A big part of creating an online presence lies in social media. It allows customers and potential customers to engage with your business via channels that are part of their everyday lives. Here are some ways to go about it.

1. Focus on platforms where your customers are

Not every social media channel will be relevant for you. For example, Facebook and Twitter will be great for posting news, tips, photos, videos and addressing questions. Instagram works great for businesses selling "beautiful" products such as food. 

According to a survey by research consultancy Kantar TNS in September 2016, Malaysians are the most active Instagram users in the Asia Pacific region. It also found that the trend was not limited to the youth demographic as 48% of Internet users in Malaysia aged 55 to 65 were also active users of the social media application.

The survey, which was conducted between June and September 2016, also found that Snapchat penetration in Malaysia was the third highest in the region, tying with Singapore at 37%, behind New Zealand (39%) and Hong Kong (46%). 

You need to talk to the public to grow your following. This means responding to queries and comments on your social media pages in a timely manner. 

2. Relevant content

Once you’ve decided which social media channels to use, establish authority by sharing your expertise on food and/or beverages. The more engaging your posts are, the more likely your followers will like, comment and share your posts. 

Engagement is key to promoting your outlet or stall. When the posts appeal to your current customers, there’s a higher chance that their friends will know of your outlet or stall and they may be prompted to pay a visit. For food and ambience, share plenty of images to paint a picture in your audience’s mind. Photography is certainly of great importance here and you should stay active on social media for better recall among your followers. 

3. Encouraging engagement

Organising a competition or giveaway in exchange for sharing your posts is great for attracting attention. Novelty items such as a unique tote bag or complimentary food and drinks are always well received. Giving customers a gift with your brand on it is a good way of turning recipients into walking billboards.

Sponsoring an event or product is another good way of reaching your target audience and increasing brand awareness, as you can get face-to-face with potential customers.

Social media isn’t just about blasting updates about your outlet or stall’s food and beverages. It is a two-way channel that gives you the opportunity to have a dialogue that traditional advertising cannot achieve.

4. Run targeted ads

Ads on Facebook or Instagram are a rather inexpensive way of promoting your outlet or stall. You can target accordingly to reach the right audience. Events, promos and a poll to gauge interests are great for engaging your customers.

Social media networks such Facebook and Twitter have tools that allow you to communicate the right kind of content to your intended audience.


Lady's Choice Perfect Pair: Winner Announcements

Lady’s Choice recently hosted an Instagram contest with partner restaurants where they asked diners to take a photo with their appetizers with Lady’s Choice dips.

Five lucky winners got to take home a pair of smartphones worth RM3,199:

1. Khaw Lay See and Ng Hee Seng

1. Khaw Lay See and Ng Hee Seng



2. Lim Sze Ying and Christopher Ng Choon Hong

2. Lim Sze Ying and Christopher Ng Choon Hong



3. Yoon Lai Yan and Ho Kai Hong

3. Yoon Lai Yan and Ho Kai Hong



4. Ooi Chao Lung and Tami Hor

4. Ooi Chao Lung and Tami Hor



5. Ooi Soon Yeow and Hor Mun Hong

5. Ooi Soon Yeow and Hor Mun Hong



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