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  • White Prawn Meat, devine, butterfly, cut and blanched 300.0 g
  • Jackfruit, medium cut 300.0 g
  • Shallot - medium cut 60.0 g
  • Red Tomato, seedless, medium cut 60.0 g
  • Kaffir lime leaves, chopped 10.0 g



  • Pie Tee Casing 10.0 pc
  • Daun Selom (local salad) 30.0 g
  1. Salad

    • Trim white prawn. Blanch into boiling water.Once cooked, transfer into cold ice water (to stop cooking process). Strain and remove shell, cut butterfly except prawn tail.
    • Cut fruits and vegetables accordingly.
  2. Dressing

    • Mix all ingredients well.
  3. Assembly

    • Toss prepared dressing with protein, fruit and vegetables.
    • Portion indivually, into Pie Tee casing and garnish with "Daun Selom".