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FAQ “How does the webshop work?”

1.      About the web shop

In the Unilever Food Solutions webshop you can not only purchase our products but also reap the benefits of our special promotions and seasonal offers. Upon registering, you are automatically part of the UFS Online Rewards programme, collecting rewards points whenever you shop online at , which you can redeem for great rewards. And the best part: the delivery and payment is via your preferred trade partner!

2.      How to register

Register simply by clicking Login on the top right of the page, and then create account by completing your registration.

3.      How to shop

How can I shop in the Unilever Food Solutions webshop?

To shop in our Unilever Food Solutions web shop, you do not need to be registered. Purchase your favourite products by adding them to your cart on the product overview page or from the product detail pages.

If you want to track your order history and join the UFS Online Rewards program, you first have to register and select your preferred trade partner. You can now start collecting rewards points to take advantage of our promotions!

Which log-in details do I need for the webshop?

You can use the webshop without logging in or using the login details you created when registering yourself to the site. The advantage of this is that this allows you to collect rewards points and your details are saved for follow-up orders, so you don’t have to fill in all your details again. You can also use the webshop without registering.

4.      How to find your order history

To access your order history, log into your account on the top right of the page. It states “login” or your username when you are logged in.

In this menu, click on “My account”. In the “My account” section you can access “order history” on the left.

5.      Delivery and payment

Who delivers my order?

Your selected trade partner delivers the order to you during the agreed upon schedule, whether it’s your usual delivery schedule or a separate date. You also settle the payment via your selected trade partner as per your usual payment terms with them.

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered to you during the agreed upon schedule with your trade partner, whether it’s your usual delivery schedule or a separate date. 

What do I do if my order doesn’t arrive?

Your trade partner is responsible for the delivery of your order. If your order does not arrive, please contact your trade partner with your order confirmation number. 

6.      Prices in the webshop

Which prices apply in the webshop?

The prices displayed are not the final prices but are the recommended retail prices from Unilever Food Solutions. These prices are used to calculate the rewards points which you will receive. Actual pricing will be dependent on your selected trade partner. Please note that placing a guest order may lead to longer delivery times as your trade partner will need to verify and possibly register you as a customer into their system.

7. Participation in the “UFS Online Rewards” program

When registering on you are automatically eligible to take part in our rewards program. For more information about the rewards program, click here.


Full UFS Webshop terms and conditions here and UFS  Online Rewards terms and conditions here