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About the launch

A Preview of the Future Menus 2024 Report Launch

Are you a chef or restaurant owner? Would you like to learn about trends that will keep your business competitive in 2024? Then join us for the exclusive live event where the Future Menus global report will be released!

What to expect:

✔️ Future Menus Live Online Event: you will get early access to the report and exclusive live Q&A with culinary experts from around the world.

✔️ Speakers include: world renowned chefs such as Rasmus Munk (Alchemist**, Copenhagen) and Asma Khan (Darjeeling Express, London).

✔️ Unveiling of the 8 Global Food Trends: get the insights from professional chefs from around the world.

✔️ Downloadable Report with trendy, practical recipes and techniques for more profitable and efficient menus.

✔️ Professional insights on hot topics such as Gen Z & Millennial diners, menu streamlining, artificial intelligence in restaurants, regenerative agriculture, and more!


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