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Chicken Breast


Roast Vegetables

  • Red Shallots, Halved 100.0 g
  • White Button Mushroom, Sliced 100.0 g
  • Roasted Red Capsicum, Diced 100.0 g
  • Minyak Sayuran 50.0 ml
  • Knorr Pasti Sedap (Penambah Perasa Semua Dalam Satu) 750g 10.0 g


  • Penne Pasta, Dried 180.0 g
  • Salt To Taste
  • Air 2000.0 ml

Final Plating

  • Parsli Yang Baru Diracik 2.0 g
  1. Chicken Breast

    • In a bowl, combine corn oil, black pepper and Knorr Italian Herb Paste.
    • Marinade Chicken Breast for 5 minutes.
    • Pre-heat pan and cook chicken till fully cooked.
    • Set aside.
  2. Sauce

    • In a pot, add everything except mayonnaise.
    • Bring to boil and stir to prevent lumping.
    • Lastly add in mayonnaise.
    • Set Aside before use.
  3. Roast Vegetables

    • Coat vegetables in oil and season with Knorr Pasti Sedap.
    • Roast in pre-heated oven till desired doneness.
    • Set Aside.
  4. Pasta

    • Cook pasta base on packaging, ensuring it is al dente.
    • Set Aside.
  5. Final Plating

    • Combine chicken, vegetables into sauce. Mix well.
    • Serve on top of the pasta.
    • Garnish with freshly chopped parsley.