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Learn new recipes & cooking techniques shared by Malaysian star chefs.

July's Monthly Cooking Demo

20 Mins Chef Challenge

20 Mins Chef Challenge

3 SALTED EGG DISHES in 20 mins?! Chef Alan & Elgin are taking this challenge to present 3x 🍳 Salted Egg dishes (Western Menu) that all chefs can prepare in just 20 minutes! Dish demo:

  • Crispy Chicken Chop with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce
  • DURIAN Salted Egg Fish & Chips
  • Cheesy Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Chop 

3 Sauces. 30 Minutes.

3 Sauces. 30 Minutes.

Limited manpower, so you need quick ways to prep your menu? Prepare 3 exciting Western steaks & chops in just 30 mins!

🐔 Curried Demi Glace on Chicken Chop

🥩 Sweet Onion & Mustard Gravy on Steak

🐑 Orange Demi Glace on Lamb Chop

Chef Elgin & Alan will also share delivery tips for Western Restaurants!

Past Chefs' Cooking Demo

Local-Western Sauces for BBQ Grilled Meats

Local-Western Sauces for BBQ Grilled Meats

Check out sauces introduction by Chef from popular Muito Bom Brazilian BBQ outlet & UFS Chef Alan - these sauces are best paired with grilled meats. More info to be shared.

Language: English & Malay

  • Rendang Sauce
  • Creamy Salted Egg Sauce
  • Oriental Sour Plum Sauce


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创意西式料理 by Chef John & Alan

创意西式料理 by Chef John & Alan

高评西餐厅《Ratatouille Restaurant 平民餐厅》创办人 Chef John, 搭档《家乐》中餐总厨Chef Alan,为您介绍几款适合本地人的创意西式料理:

Chef John from top-rated Ratatouille Restaurant & Chef Alan, UFS Chef de Cuisine are introducing a few locally adapted American Cuisines:

  •  Italian Creamy Seafood Risotto 意式奶白海鮮帶子燴飯
  •  Quesadilla with Chili Corn-Carne 墨西哥芝士馅饼
  •  Chili Corn-Carne Fries 薯条配燉辣肉醬

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