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Introduction (Launceton Place)

Meet Chef Murphy at London’s Launceston Place. Familiarise yourself with the complex elements to this dish – a chorizo gel and lemon puree accompanied by grilled octopus tentacle, deep-fried chicken skin and a mayo-topped quinoa twill.


Octopus with Chorizo Gel & Lemon Puree Part 1

Part 1 begins with the chorizo gel, a combination of chorizo stock and gel espresso. Learn to create the perfect consistency and find out how a vacuum pack can remove the bubbles and compress your emulsion.


Octopus with Chorizo Gel & Lemon Puree Part 2

Part 2 prepares your ingredients, beginning with pan-frying your octopus and deep-frying the chicken skin and quinoa twill. Turn your attention to warming through the chorizo, squid ink sauce and brunoise before seasoning and topping your twill with chicken mayo and a scattering of crispy chicken skin.


Octopus with Chorizo Gel & Lemon Puree Part 3

Part 3 perfects the plate-up by coupling the octopus, chicken skin and quinoa twill together before embellishing the plate with the brunoise, chorizo gel and zesty lemon pureeLearn how curry pastes and sauces form the base of many Thai dishes, including classic Pad Thai and stir-fries..


Introduction (Cafe Del Sol)

Chef Duiker, executive chef at Café Del Sol Johannesburg, delves into the process of emulsification before sharing his three selects of the day - a vegetarian, plant-based and hollandaise emulsion.


Orange Gel Part 1

Using agar agar, orange juice, vanilla paste and simple syrup, Chef Duiker begins the gel orange. Learn to create the base for the citrus emulsion and move onto part 2 to complete.


Orange Gel Part 2

Part 2 takes the gel through its final paces. Blend and sieve before setting aside to cool.


Orange Gel Plating

Chef Duiker pairs the gel orange with a crisp chocolate tart. Learn the plate-up and presentation to this sweet-treat.


Salsa Verde Ingredients

Learn about the abundance of fresh ingredients involved in this plant-based emulsion packed with flavour.


Salsa Verde

Create this simple salsa by combining your ingredients within a blender and get tips for the perfect proteins and fish to pair with it.


Hollandaise Sauce

Finally, finish with a classic Hollandaise emulsion – a combination of butter and egg yolks lifted with a Japanese citrus base. Learn the important whisking and temperature techniques to keep your emulsion from curdling.