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The new covid-19 coronavirus is sure to be a source of concern for many working in foodservice and hospitality.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

COVID-19 Status in Malaysia


COVID-19: Management Guidelines for Workplaces


Ministry of Health Malaysia Facebook Page


Wondering how to keep safe?

WHO has all the latest information and advice on protecting yourself and others from Coronavirus including personal hygiene initiatives, ways of managing stress during the outbreak, best practice for food safety and tips on how to stay well whilst travelling.


What to do when you’re back at your home from your restaurant work?

  1. Follow these steps recommended by our Ministry of Health:
  2. Once you are at your home compound, remove your face mask and dispose it into the rubbish bin.
  3. Keep a distance with your kids and family members; Avoid touching or hugging them until you complete the following steps.
  4. Soak the clothes that you wore at work in soap or detergent right after you remove them.
  5. Quickly shower with soap and shampoo. Wash your face, hands and whole body. 
  6. Now, you can interact with your family at home!