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Chef team

Meet the expert chefs who help make Unilever Food Solutions your source for every day inspiration. With advice and knowledge gained from many years of experience, our award-winning team helps us create the perfect balance of great tasting and nutritious food served up to consistently high standards.
1. Elgin Chew Eu Chuan

1. Elgin Chew Eu Chuan

Meet Chef Elgin,

A seasoned culinary professional with a journey spanning Ritz-Carlton Hotel, JW Marriott, and leadership roles in global F&B establishments. Educated at KDU and Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, Elgin refined his skills globally, including stints in Germany and Sydney with brands like Hilton

After leading a prominent F&B chain in Singapore, Chef Elgin returned to Malaysia. His culinary accolades include winning the Bronze medal at the Australian Culinary Challenge and participating in events like Food Hotel Malaysia and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Apprentice.

Believing in the dynamic nature of culinary arts, Chef Elgin stays abreast of trends to keep his creations relevant. Chef Elgin embodies a blend of culinary mastery, leadership acumen, and a commitment to the evolving art of gastronomy, showcasing innovation and passion in every dish

2. Hadzrin Mohd-Din

2. Hadzrin Mohd-Din

Meet Chef Hadzrin,

After graduating from culinary school in 2001, Chef Hadzrin started his notable career in the kitchen of five-star hotels such as the Westin and the Shangri-La, where he built up his expertise in Asian and Malay cuisine. He was often selected as the personal chef of VVIP guests such as previous French president Jacques Chirac and other European leaders.

As a quote from Ranal Currie goes, “Theres only so much growing you can do in your comfort zone.” Chef Hadzrin eventually further developed his expertise in food product development and manufacturing in one of the largest frozen food manufacturers in Malaysia.

Chef Hadzrin lends his 16-year culinary experience to the Chain and Malay segments of the Unilever Food Solution business. Here, he regularly conducts not only dish ideations but Chefmanship Academy sessions for the Malay Local Eating Trade segment.

3. Andy Ang

3. Andy Ang

Meet Chef Andy,

A culinary innovator whose unconventional journey through Culinology® has uniquely positioned him as a valuable asset to the UFS Chef team. With a foundation in the intersection of Food Science, Technology, and Culinary Arts, Chef Andy seamlessly blends technical expertise with culinary finesse.

In his past roles, Chef Andy has not only expanded his skill set but has also played a pivotal role in food manufacturing and leadership. His proficiency extends to driving strong business acumen in recipe curation, transforming stove-cooked recipes into scalable models for mass manufacturing.

Leveraging his deep technical knowledge of food systems, Chef Andy supports the Chains business unit with the growth of the Top 25 operators through on-trend meal solutions, infusing exciting flavors into top dishes. Beyond the kitchen, Chef Andy leads the digitalization of the Chefmanship team, propelling the brand into the digital space and ensuring a seamless integration of culinary expertise into the modern world.