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Variety is key to keeping your customers interested, whilst ensuring an appealing selling point for your establishment. Most food operators implement a dual-set menu system – one for the day, one for the night. With some common sense and clever thinking, you can reduce the cost of preparation that enables a flexible arrangement for your menu.

Review your menu and select a number of offerings can easily transition from day to night. For example, ready-packed and ready-made food items (nasi lemak, mee siam) and snacks (karipap, kuih-muih) are not usually ordered at night as these are typically breakfast items. Barbequed or grilled food such as ikan bakar sells particularly well at night, but not so much during the day as the hot weather discourages customers from consuming overly heaty food.

On the other hand, Western-centric offerings prove to be quite popular all day long, and thus should be retained on the menu throughout the day. Besides that, hot dishes such as mee goreng and nasi goreng are also flexible enough to be included in this category. When it comes to nasi campur dishes, gravy-heavy offerings are often sought after all day as well.  

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