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Food packaging may not be a priority for certain food operators, but there is sense in looking into efficient packaging that caters to different events. Not only does it benefit your business in terms of being user-friendly, but there is a higher chance of patronage if the entire customer experience is a positive one. 

Food operators often have the advantage to extend beyond their regular business hours and set up stalls during special events, namely sporting events and concerts. Keep in mind that customers during these occasions often prioritise convenience and ease of eating as one of the primary buying elements. You’ll not only have to include the rush factor during these events, but accessibility of trash cans as well. 

Therefore, look into minimising your packaging or reducing it altogether – light snacks such as sandwiches and hotdogs can be wrapped with a simple sheet of tissue or paper as the mess factor is minimal. Otherwise, solid food such as mee hoon goreng and nasi goreng ideally should be packaged in a container that can be fastened. This gives customers the convenience of putting away the food easily for later.

Pasar malams on the other hand, are often patronised by visitors with the intention to takeaway. Therefore, be sure that your food is presented in a neat packaging that guarantees minimal spillage; soup-based items should be kept in plastic bags or containers, while drinks are ideally poured into sealable plastic cups. However, snacks such as fried wedges, popcorn chicken, and cheesy fries are an exception as visitors prefer to walk the streets while munching on them. They should be easily accessible, and don’t need fancy packaging. Consider switching to paper packaging too if you haven’t already – not only is it a rising trend for street food, but it’s also an incredibly eco-friendly option.

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