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1-    Rationalize your menu

Consumers need fewer, better, safer choices right now. This makes them less hesitant to order food from outside by easily choosing their trusted most loved dishes from their favorite local restaurants.


2-    Highlight or Add Immunity Boosting Ingredients

People are going well of their way to make sure they have honey, berries, spinach, garlic, turmeric and other healthy ingredients – if 3 meals make it to your new smaller delivery menu – these ingredients should be in them and HIGHLIGHTED.


3-    Partner with Your Other Food Industry Fellows

Prepare your menu every morning and deliver in safe packaging to a partner supermarket/grocery store to sell on the fresh/deli section – after all that’s where everyone is right now!


4-    Be Vocal

Now more than ever consumers are looking for transparency – leverage all the social media and virtual platforms to go live from your kitchen, share a video of the safety measure you are taking or give a class on how to prepare your signature dish at home.


5-    Be On Trend: DIY boxes are the way to go

Whenever a consumer orders one meal for delivery -> send fresh, clean ingredients in vacuum seal packaging with a personal note “Hope you are staying sane and safe during these times! Here are the steps and ingredients to prepare your favorite meal 😊”


6-    Be A Force – of Positivity

Check-in on your guests registered with you, send a free meal every now and then, launch an initiative with the industry to support the industry and the consumers – we are all in this together!