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Burger Preparation & Assembly

Burger Bun Spread

  • Burger Bun 10 pc
  • Margarine 50 g

Burger & Fries Seasoning

Shoestring French Fries (sides)

  • Cooking Oil (for deep frying)
  1. Burger Preparation & Assembly

    • Cook patties to desired doneness.
    • Cut tomato into slices.
    • Cut gherkin into slices.
    • Portion the lettuce.
    • Assemble all ingredients in a bun. Pipe Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise on top of the patty.
  2. Burger Bun Spread

    • Spread the bun with margarine.
    • Toss it in a hot plate to bring up aroma.
    • Season with burger seasoning.
  3. Burger & Fries Seasoning

    • Mix chilli powder with Knorr Pasti Sedap and Salt together. Ready to use for sprinkle on top for patties and fries.
  4. Shoestring French Fries (sides)

    • Deep fry until colour is golden and texture is crispy.
    • Sprinkle with burger & fries seasoning.