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Preparing the Marinated Lamb

Preparing the Lamb Sauce

Preparing the Curried Mashed Potato


  1. Preparing the Marinated Lamb

    • Mix Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, tikka masala powder, lime juice, Knorr Chicken Stock.
    • Apply onto lamb and steam bake lamb at 140 degree Celsius for 60mins.
  2. Preparing the Lamb Sauce

    • In a pot, heat up margarine, and saute onion, garlic till fragrant.
    • Add in tikka masala powder, brown sugar, full cream milk, filtered water, salt, Knorr Pronto Italian Tomato Sauce, Knorr Chicken Stock.
  3. Preparing the Curried Mashed Potato

    • Bring water to boil, add in Knorr Chicken Stock and curry powder.
    • Turn off fire, add in milk and coriander leaves.
    • Pour the dilution into a bowl of Knorr Potato Flakes. Stir well to dissolve.
    • Plate accordingly.