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Mini Chicken Patties

Chasseur Sauce

Curry Mashed Potato

Looking to offer your diners a twist to your chicken recipes? Try our Pan Fried Chicken Cutlet, the perfect extension to your menu, as a mains or even side dish.



  1. Mini Chicken Patties

    • Mix well all ingredients, shape into medium size ball (approx. 40gm each).
    • Heat frying pan, fry till cooked.
    • Keep warm, before assembly.
  2. Chasseur Sauce

    • For basic sauce, combine water and Knorr Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix. Bring to boil, off heat and set aside.
    • To make concasse, score and remove stem off the tomato before placing into boiling water for skin to split.
    • Then place these boiled tomatoes into cold ice water. Strain then peel. Slice into quarter, remove the seeds. Dice and keep aside.
    • To make aromatic, heat corn oil, saute "aromatic" till fragrant.
    • Lastly, to finish, re-heat prepared "basic sauce", add in "aromatic" and "concasse".
    • Bring it to simmer and season to taste with Knorr Italian Herb Paste.
  3. Curry Mashed Potato

    • To make basic dilution, bring water to boil. Add Knorr Chicken Stock and curry meat powder. Let it boil for 2 minutes and turn off heat.
    • Combined all remaining ingredients and mix well with prepared "basic dilution".
    • Stir well to dissolve. Ready to serve.