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It is always a question in debate on why people eat spicy food, but as the discussion goes on among researchers the culinary experts are never denying that spicy food gives a heightened pleasure during dining experience. Diners love the heat, but not many people can take it, which is the reason why there has been a little of spicy twist to western dishes to suit the palates of many; just enough spices to awaken the senses because science says that the capsaicin helps the body to release happy hormones (endorphins) and results in pleasure.

Other than the temporary pleasure, spices in general are often used to enhance and heighten a flavor on top of being an important substance in food preservation. There are many benefits of spices and here are the top 3.

1. Combatting Inflammation

Curcumin is a compound most found in turmeric that can help the body to combat inflammation, either consumed or externally applied. Capsaicin is also able to combat low-grade inflammation in the gut and stimulate healthy gut flora which is important for immune function.  

2. Boost Metabolism

Capsaicin, the compound in spicy spices that produce the heat kick on the tongue has the capability to boost body’s ability to break down fat and burn them.  It explains why the spicier a dish is, the more you sweat when eating it. This benefit is a major point for weight loss and management. 

3. Improve Heart Health

By doing its work to break down fat more naturally, Capsaicin may boost one’s heart health.  Research has shown that a considerable intake of the fiery fare may reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Now that we know these facts, isn’t it time to start adding some fiery twist to your dishes?

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