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Pickled Watermelon Rind

  • Watermelon rind, cubed 100 g
  • Filtered Water 100 g

Ricotta Cream

  • Virgin Olive Oil 100 g
  • Ricotta Cheese​ 100 g

Fennel Crisp & Assembly

  • Fennel 50 g
  1. Pickled Watermelon Rind

    • Place Watermelon cube in a vaccum pack bag, arrange nicely and pour in Knorr Lime Flavored Powder dilution
    • Ensure vaccum is at its highest when sealing the watermelon rind.
    • Cure for 24 hours in the chiller before using.
  2. Ricotta Cream

    • In a bowl, whisk in ricotta with virgin olive oil.
    • Set aside before use.
  3. Fennel Crisp & Assembly

    • Slice Fennel thinly with a mandolin.
    • Fry Fennel Slices in Clean Vegetable Oil till golden brown. Remove and strain.
    • In a desired vessel, place pickled watermelon rind at the bottom and topit of with a slice of beetroot cure salmon rose.
    • drizzle on ricotta cream and garnish with fennel crisp.
    • Serve immediately