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Kofta Rice

Kofta Meat

Roulade Kofta Rice

  • Basmati Rice, cooked
  • Kofta Meat

Aromatic Fruit Acar

Fruit Acar is a popular side dish in Malay weddings, and lends this dish a nice contrast of flavours.



  1. Kofta Rice

    • Place tossed Basmathi rice in chaffing dish.
    • Melt margarine in a pot, saute Bay Leaf, cumin and seed seeds till fragrant.
    • Sweat shallot, garlic and ginger until fragrant. Transfer and mix with Basmathi rice.
    • Add in filtered water, Knorr Chicken Stock. Covered and steam at 100° Celsius, for 45 minutes.
    • Once cooked, gently coat prepared rice with Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise. Set aside.
  2. Kofta Meat

    • Mix all the ingredients , lay the meat at the aluminium foil and flatten it evenly.
  3. Roulade Kofta Rice

    • Place cooked "Basmati Rice", onto flattened minced lamb meat and press it evenly.
    • Flip over on the aluminium foil and roll, until both lenghts meet. Gently press to form the roll.
    • Bake in pre heated oven at 160° Celsius, for 20 minutes. Discard from aluminium foil,portion to serve.
  4. Aromatic Fruit Acar

    • Heat pan with margarine.
    • Turn down the heat, add bay leaf, cumin and fennel seed. Add dried mix fruit.
    • Add filtered water and continue to stir -fry for another 2 minutes. Season to taste with Knorr Chicken Stock.
  5. Assembly

    • Arranged prepared "Roulade Kofta Rice".
    • Served with prepared "Aromatic Fruit Acar".