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Pandan Extract

  • Screwpine Leaf 100.0 g
  • Filtered Water 120.0 ml

Screwpine Mint Syrup Preparation

  • Mint Leaf, chopped 100.0 g
  • Sugar 180.0 g
  • Screwpine Leaf Extract 50.0 g

Coconut Vanilla Flan

  • Full Cream Milk 800.0 ml
  • Young Coconut Flesh 200.0 g
  • Carte d'Or Vanilla Flavoured Flan Mix 2kg 80.0 g

Screwpine, more commonly known as pandan, is a common Malaysian flavouring for desserts and lends dishes that uniquely comforting taste.



  1. Pandan Extract

    • Place screwpine leaf and water in a sauce pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to thicken the liquid.
  2. Screwpine Mint Syrup Preparation

    • Cut the pandan leaf into strips, add in water and blend to get the pandan extract.
    • Process the pandan leaves until completely pulverized.
    • Lastly strain it and transfer to a bowl and keep in chilled.
  3. Coconut Vanilla Flan

    • Heat up full cream milk into warm, low down the heat, then pour in Carte D'Or Vanilla Flan and stir it well.
    • Spoon in young coconut flesh and mix it well until smooth. Pour into the individual bowl to set in chiller.
    • Once it set, cut into 2cm cube.
  4. Condiments & Assemble

    • Blanch sweet potato to soften the texture. Set aside in cold water.
    • Put a mould if finely shaved ice onto serving bowl, placing all the condiments, sago, coconut vanilla flan and sweet potato.
    • Flavour it with screwpine mint syrup. Ready to serve immediately.